The Roberta Biagi group was founded in 2009 by the will of the brothers Gianluca, Carlo and Roberta Vorzillo. At the basis of achieving each goal is passion; passion, that for fashion, that the Vorzillo brothers have been able to instill in their company transforming it, in a few years, from a small business reality into a structure rooted in the foreground in the marketing and production of fashion products. in style, balance, simplicity and refinement give life to the Roberta Biagi collections. Today the brand is managed by INTERNATIONAL BRAND S.R.L. 



Sensual but innocent; simple yet sophisticated. Describing the Roberta Biagi woman means playing with opposites, and it is precisely this dualism that makes her so intriguing: light-hearted, casual and elegant, vital and sexy, decisive and seductive, never predictable, unique in all respects. She is a curious woman, passionate about life. She needs to be stimulated every day by new ideas, new looks, new trends.Her taste is constantly evolving, she likes to be sexy without having to flaunt it.



Roberta Biagi offers a wide range of garments and accessories that allow you to create trendy and seductive looks every day thanks to the release, in addition to the main Spring / Summer and Fall / Winter collections, of flash capsules that guarantee continuity of purchase to its customers . The Roberta Biagi accessories collection is also original and creative, which naturally completes the looks. Characterized by always new and current lines, it skilfully plays on the materials, textures and colors of bags, belts and bijoux. RB Collection Priveè was born in 2011.



The headquarters of the group, within the Interporto di Nola industrial agglomeration, one of the major distribution hubs in Europe and an international reference point, is the forge where all ideas and projects take shape. Real beating heart of the many activities of the group, the headquarters was designed and built to better organize and develop company activities and initiatives: with an extension of over 2,000 square meters, it houses the main logistics platform, the commercial offices, the administrative ones and the departments creative.

The space is also an important project from a strategic point of view as it serves as a basis for the national commercial network; This is flanked by the presence of a Bolognese factory, an important distribution hub for abroad, so as to be able to convey the Roberta Biagi collections to all markets in the world.
The complex and functional structure consists of a central unit divided over two floors.

The ground floor is dedicated to logistics and production, where areas such as the cutting and fabric warehouse are located. On the ground floor there are also the administrative and commercial offices, strengths for the growth and development of new markets.

The product / style and marketing areas are located on the first floor, where the soul of the brand is consolidated day after day. The spaces are separated by large windows designed to stimulate greater creativity and teamwork.
It is the place where the inspirations and suggestions of the stylistic team are born, where the ideas of the marketing office become the identity of the brand. On the first floor there is also the showroom, an essential and refined concept, where you can preview Roberta Biagi creations. A multipurpose venue with multiple uses, in which to give life, collection after collection, to a product of Italian excellence.



With a widespread and diversified distribution network, Roberta Biagi is present both in Italy and abroad. The multichannel distribution system allows you to work as a global company. Internationalization and innovation are the two main growth paths Roberta Biagi, present in: Greece, Bulgaria, Portugal, Spain, China, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, France, Germany, Middle East.

Characterized by a linear and refined style, the Roberta Biagi store is made up of deliberately sober and elegant furnishing elements, inspired by an essential concept that allows the product to be brought to the fore. The fittings and display cases are treated in detail and a particular attention to visual merchandising allows you to optimize the spaces, enhancing the garments and ensuring adequate rotation of the assortment.